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Privacy and Disclaimer policy:

Data collected via our website help us to provide information and services that meet customer needs and interests. The Privacy Policy covers website QGIFTS (including all websites under same domain name or belongs to our organization). Please read our Privacy Policy carefully along with the data and information collected by us through this website, taking into consideration that words such as “We” or any pronouns or similar references, will all mean and include QGIFTS, and also words such as “You” or any pronouns or similar references, will particularly mean and include a certain (User) of our website. Once you visit our website it will be deemed as an official notification and declaration on your side that you have accepted our services and work methods as set forth in our Privacy Policy.
How QGIFTS collects and utilize data:
(Cookies): cookies are part of data loaded by our server in order you would be able to access the internet browser on your PC or mobile. Websites often use kinds of temporary cookies called ‘session’ to identify you, so while you are browsing a certain website during one visit to ensure any data and information are properly retained. For instance, if a commercial website didn’t use this kind of cookies, any product that has been chosen and added to the shopping cart, will disappear once you move to a different webpage. This will enable you to complete the purchase transaction and get your selected products.
Websites use a different kind of cookies called ‘persistent’. This kind of cookies enable the website to identify you during your several visits to the site, and consequently enable quick and easy browsing the website and benefitting its applications and services without a need to any re-identification of the user each time.
• Statistics: In QGIFTS, we collect statistics through our server in order to identify the attitudes of users. These statistics include the number of visits to the site within a certain period of time, types of browsing programs used by visitors, web pages perused by users, as well as the types of browsing. This information doesn’t include any personal data about users. They are only collected being helpful to identify (where) most users come from and what areas of high use density so that we should be able to realize the ideal method of communication with our users.

The website also collects the IP addresses of our browsers and keeps them in the log file in order to protect our site against any hackers and attacks by viruses and other various malicious programs.
• Personal data provided by users to the website. For this purpose, the word ‘personal information’ as per our Privacy Policy adopted in our website, shall bear the meaning of any information helping identify the user, or enable a third party to contact the user, or specify and determine the type and nature of your relationship to the website.
Personal information is collected and saved when a user registers his/her membership in our website, or when you ask a question, fill up a form, communicate any financial transaction, or send a message to us. Disclosing personal information is optional on QGIFTS. However, users should consider that in case personal information is denied, users may not be able to benefit from certain applications and services provided by our website.
QGIFTS uses your personal information in order to complete your financial transactions, respond to your purchase order, deliver your purchased items, supply services, and let you know of any upgrades to the website or if there are any offers that may be interested for you. Also, if you have received any messages from QGIFTS recently, but you don’t want such messages, kindly follow unsubscribe instruction found at the end of each message given by us, or change the option of receiving emails in your personal account setting.
Protection adopted and applied by QGIFTS to ensure security of your personal information:
In QGIFTS, many physical, electronic and procedural securities have been taken to protect the site from hackers and illegal entry, and to ensure accuracy of the data and information, as well as correct and proper use of the personal data. With these means along with the Privacy Policy, QGIFTS limits use and access to such personal data of users to the employees of the company only, which needs it due to the nature of their work that requires them to get access to such personal data and information.
Will QGIFTS disclose collected data to any third party?
QGIFTS shares collected data with a very limited number of partners dealing with the company. This includes sister companies, affiliates, and allied organizations.
Information that QGIFTS may share with a third party is the total statistics about visitors of our websites, size of sale, traffic density, type of browsing, and other types of data related to our website. All such statistics and data don’t include any personal data.
Under no circumstances no personal data disclosed to a third party except for legal or judicial purpose, or for ultimate necessity, for instance:
• Obligation to law provisions and/or judicial procedures our company and other partner companies are subject to.
• For protection of our material and moral rights and/or material and moral rights of our uses.
• In the event of any contingency that may threaten the security and safety of our users, or the public security.
External links: companies and establishments having special links to their websites on our website:
QGIFTS assumes no responsibility for the way companies and establishments with special links to their websites on our website use to collect and protect the data provided to them by its users. In case you voluntarily choose to visit such websites that will be on your own responsibility and subject to the privacy policy and general provisions of such websites, companies and establishments.
Obtaining information from children:
QGIFTS allocates a website addressing and directing kids. However, all users of our website must be at least 18 years old (age as per acknowledgement given by users. Any user under 18 is considered illegal user without any responsibility on our side).
In the event QGIFTS recognizes a user under 18 years old, it often omits and removes all data related to such an under-age user or their account will be blocked.
QGIFTS is strictly committed to protect the privacy of the website users. The data collected and obtained through our website help us understand the market and recognize the interests and attitudes of our customers. This enables us to provide them and our business partners with the level of service they deserve.

Services Conditions:

All services provided by QGIFTS are subject to the terms and provisions set forth in TOS terms of service, referred to herein as (document).
Before using our website, you must first read carefully and accept our Terms and Provisions included and/or relate to this document and to the Privacy Policy adopted by our website. This document is deemed valid and in effect once you accept it and use any of the applications in our site is considered a personal acceptance on your side of the terms and provisions set forth herein. In the event there should be any contradiction in this document with any other content on site, then the document shall prevail in terms of all things related to your use of our website. Each registered visitor, purchaser or vender can use certain applications only from our website. In the event any of them deny their acceptance to any of the terms and provisions set forth in this document and in our Privacy Policy, it may not be allowed access to our website in anyway whatsoever.

Services specifications:

QGIFTS gives opportunity to its users to access several products (service). As a user, you are totally responsible for securing your access to the website, which incurs charges to be paid to third parties (e.g. internet provider, direct broadcast fees, etc.). Also, as a user you are totally responsible for securing all equipment and devices required to get access to our website.
Membership conditions:
QGIFTS service is not available for under-aged who is not over 18, or any previous user of QGIFTS who was dismissed or removed from the site system for any reason whatsoever. You, as a user of QGIFTS, have the right to create one personal account on QGIFTS website. You are strictly not allowed to sell, trade, or dispose of your account to any third party. In the event you didn’t meet the membership conditions, or if you proved to be ineligible to be given a membership, then you will not be able to use QGIFTS or its services in any way. You may also be informed that the site gives availability to do purchase transactions as a visitor to the website and without a need to register as a member (visitor is not applied currently).

Your Account:

By using QGIFTS, you declare that you are of the legal age which allows you to enter into a binding agreement, and that you are not prevented from benefitting services under the Qatari laws and any other effective regulations. You also agree to give out valid, accurate and true information about yourself as per the requirements of the registration form on the site. In case that the information given out about yourself are not correct or become, or QGIFTS finds a reasonable cause to delete your personal account and deny any current or future use by you, and if you use the website, then you will be totally and solely responsible for securing confidentiality of your account and password. You will also be responsible for keeping your privacy while using your PC or other devices. Therefore, you agree to be solely responsible for any use or activity conducted onsite through your current account/password. Therefore, we strictly recommend that you sign out from your account after you finished using it. In the event any unauthorized usage may occur through your personal account or any other violation to the privacy of the site, you agree QGIFTS to be informed immediately of this violation and QGIFTS assumes no consequences, liability or indemnity for any material or moral damages. In such case, QGIFTS will be entitled to deny access to the service, cancel the personal accounts, or remove and modify its contents as may be appropriate and applicable in the discretion of QGIFTS.

Site content:

QGIFTS doesn’t assume or announce possession of any content a user may include or make available through the website. However, the website holds the right to use all or part of your material whether in the same form or any other modified form. By making this material available in the site, you grant QGIFTS a permanent, irreversible and unlimited right, and without prejudice to property rights or exclusive use license, to use, publish, announce publicly, modify part or all of this material, or to prepare other materials that are derived, produced, or dependent on this material, with the purpose to use same for any applications, products, or services provided by the site, except for suppliers of other registered trademarks or those who entered into an agreement providing for anything contrary.


All content, products and services available onsite, or that are obtained from another websites related to the website (linked site), are made available to you as it is, without any type of implicit or explicit guarantee, including for example but not limited to, any guarantees pertaining to the marketability, appropriateness to certain uses, or property, non-violation, security and protection, and validity. QGIFTS doesn’t certify or assume any responsibility for:
• Validity and reliability of any opinion, advice, or declaration given to you by anyone other than QGIFTS through the website.
• The content of any other site linked to QGIFTS.
• Reliability and potentiality of any products or services made available through any website other than QGIFTS.
Except for the limitations of the valid customer protection act, QGIFTS will be under no circumstances responsible for any loss or damage resulted from/in connection to the user depending on data obtained from any other site or related sites, or the user depending on any products or services obtained from any other related site. The user will assume full responsibility for the validity, reliability, sufficiency, and usefulness of any opinion, advice, information, or content that made available for it through any other website or related websites. Therefore, we advise you as a user to seek expert’s consultation for evaluation of an opinion, advice, product, service, or other content allowed through our website or any related sites.

Limitation of responsibility:

You understand and explicitly agree that QGIFTS and any affiliates and associates, representatives, employees, clients, partners, and licensees will bear no responsibility towards you for any direct or indirect, accidental, special, circumstantial or standard damages, including but not limited to damages pertaining to profits, famous name, use, information, or any other nonmaterial loss resulted from your use of the site or its content, or any services related to the site (even if QGIFTS warned from such possible damages).


You agree to hold QGIFTS, along with its representatives, clients, affiliates, associates, partners, and all employees, harmless against any consequences that my result from any claims or demands, including attorney fees, as a result of or in connection to your violation of this document, or breaking the laws or rights of any third party.
Notices and Correspondences:
When you use QGIFTS or send messages through it, you therefore declare and agree to communicate with QGIFTS electronically, and agree in return that QGIFTS may communicate with you electronically. QGIFTS will contact you through the email or the site content, and you agree that all agreements, contracts, notices, disclosed information or any other forms of communication given to you through this site shall meet the legal requirements for same and shall bear the same effect of written communication.
Email and inserted data of the site:
QGIFTS may allow its users to send messages to other users or non-users of the site and may also include messages onsite. QGIFTS is released from any obligation to review any message, data, content (inserted data) to be inserted by users to the site. QGIFTS may not assume any liability; legal, financial or other consequences resulted from such inserted content. Notwithstanding, the QGIFTS is allowed periodically to control and monitor inserted contents and messages to the site, and holds absolute right to reject, deny, or remove any such messages and inserted contents. You, as a user, understand and explicitly agree NOT to use any of the applications provided by the site for insertion of any content or establish a contact for any of the following:
• Any illegal harmful, hazardous, abusive, teasing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, indecent, repugnant, racial, or ethnic content, or any other material which is deemed illegal and improper, including, but not limited to, any material encouraging, soliciting, and luring behaviors that may harm the general taste or sense, or that represent a criminal action or violation to any national, regional or international effective laws.
• All types of promotions or advertising material.
• Alleging false characters or giving out any type of fake or mistaken information.
• Personal data like messages that show personal contract numbers, national ID numbers, bank account numbers, personal addresses, or employer’s details.
• Any messages given by employees unauthorized to speak for QGIFTS or who allege this character, or any messages including confidential information or expressing certain situations related to or prejudice QGIFTS website.
• Repeated messages.
• Any type of serial figures.
• Same or similar messages addressed to more than one user at the time, including advertising for any products or services, or political opinions and attitudes or the like, or any other type of promotion and commercial messages.
This probation includes, but not limited to, exploitation of invitations issued by QGIFTS in:
• Sending messages to persons you don’t know or they don’t know you.
• Exploit QGIFTS for contacting persons you don’t know and then send advertising and promoting materials to them without their prior consent.
• Sending messages to lists or groups.


QGIFTS or any third party sites, contains more electronic links to more sources worldwide. Since QGIFTS doesn’t possess or control such third party sites and electronic sources, then as a user, you understand and agree that QGIFTS is not responsible at all for the availability of these independent sites and sources, and QGIFTS shall not ratify or assume responsibility of any kind whatsoever for the results of any content, advertisement, products, or other things contained or made available on these external sites and sources. As a user, you also understand and agree that QGIFTS assumes no direct or indirect responsibility for any damages or losses that my occur or alleged to have occurred as a result of or in relation to using or relying on content, products, goods, or services available on or through these external websites or sources.
Having access to protected and secured areas:
Accessibility to protected areas or pages on the site, or ones secured by a password shall exclusively be allowed for authorized persons only. Any unauthorized person who tries to get access to such areas or pages will be subject to take legal actions or judicial procedures against them.

Modifications and notice of changes:

QGIFTS is entitled to do any modifications or changes to the website and to the policies and agreements related to the same, including the privacy policy and documents on terms and provisions of services. In the event QGIFTS took any of these modifications and changes, you as a user will be so notified via:
• Send a message to your email address you entered in your personal account details in the site. In such case, QGIFTS assumes no responsibility for your failure to receive the message as a result of any protection or security measures applied by your internet server or any other service you may apply for protection or filtering of your emails. Therefore, you should add QGIFTS to the list of sites authorized to send an electronic message to you (the white list).
• Show a temporary announcement above the link of service conditions or privacy policy link on the site in a way as QGIFTS may thinks fit for a period up to 30 days.
• After elapse of these 30 days since the announcement of modifying the privacy policy or service conditions was published, the announcement will be removed and a brief description of these modifications and date of validity shall be inserted in the part allocated for same at the end of the privacy policy or document of the service conditions. If you don’t use the site for more than thirty (30)days, you can first browse the privacy policy and service conditions to ensure if it has been modified or not before you use the site. If you want to cancel your account because you don’t accept these modifications, you can do it by sending a message to this email address of info@qgifts.shop and write the word ‘cancel’ in the subject place. Accordingly, your account will be cancelled within thirty (30) days. If otherwise you chose to continue using the site, it would be considered as an explicit agreement on your side of these inserted modifications to the privacy policy and service conditions.


All trademarks, slogans, and service signage shown on QGIFTS are exclusive property of QGIFTS or to third parties. Therefore, users of the site may not be allowed to use any of such signage for any purpose whatsoever, for example but not limited to using same on other sites or WebPages without a prior written consent from QGIFTS or the third party who owns these signage. All information and content, including software which are available on or via the site (content) are duly protected by virtue of intellectual property rights, therefore users are not allowed to modify, change, transmit, transfer, present, publish, sell, or give license to anyone in this content, or to prepare any derived or produced material out of same, or exploit it for any commercial or general purposes.

Procurement policy and delivery:

If the product is not available at the vendor, we will contact the buyer to adopt between the following solutions:

1) Recover the full amount and cancel the sale within a period not exceeding seventy-two (72) hours.

2) Provider offering an alternative or substitute product, taking into account differences in prices in case the buyer chose to change the product only and within a period not exceeding forty-eight (48) hours.

3) Undertake to the buyer to provide data and sufficient information and the right to be communicating with him or with the recipient in the case of the company`s desire to communicate with one of them for the purpose of connecting to afford the buyer the full responsibility of financial compensation and the other due to the authenticity and accuracy of data and not incurring any liability or financial or any other.

4) Blocked list:
QGIFTS takes care on the principle of privacy and in case of recipient’s rejection to receive specific product from the buyer (the buyer`s name is mentioned on the receipt), QGIFTS will strive to prevent the buyer from sending any product back to the same person, where the company will deliver the product to the buyer with the bear full legal responsibility but the material produced with the company doesn’t bear any responsibility. In order to allow buyer to resend the product or managing any other you must obtain a written letter or communication through our e-mail info@qgifts.shop by the recipient according to the approval of a connection.

5) The process for the buyer on the purchase invoice detailed if desired, where it will be sent to the e-mail of the buyer issued in the name of QGIFTS only.

6) We will notify both the buyer and the recipient end of the delivery process and through all/any available communication links such as e-mail or other.

7) Delivery services will be extended form 8am –10pm, except public occasions.

8) QGIFTS may contact gift receiver to confirm his location or availability before start delivering the gift/order.
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